Saturday, October 9, 2010

Age of Empires 2: Anyone still play?

Recently I've been playing Conquerors every day, it is one of my favourite RTS games. Does anyone else still play it?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A look at the Spring Project

After a few comments about Total Annihilation in my last post, I thought id share this gem.

This is The Spring Project, A very powerful, open source RTS engine. Formerly known as TA Spring,  the initial goal was to recreate TA in 3D. With that done, it was renamed The Spring Project, and now supports a variety of mods including several variations on TA, a Star Wars title, and a very nice WW2 title. The project also supports some other mods which are not designed like a typical RTS game, however I am yet to try these out.

The Spring game Lobby

The program itself is nice and easy to use, it has a simple and straightforward layout. With a nice variety of game mods to choose from it takes a long time to get bored of this one. The most popular game mode is Balanced Annihilation, derived from the original game with some heavy modification, without losing that epic feel that TA had. Highly recommended for anyone that enjoyed TA back in the day. Head over to and check it out!

Link to Picture Gallery

Oldschool Revamped

Open RA website
Ever miss the good old days of Command and Conquer, and Red Alert 1? The team over at OpenRA have created a real time strategy engine, which currently has mods for both titles mentioned.

OpenRA is still in alpha, meaning the occasional crash, and a few sound glitches. But if your looking for some quality multiplayer RTS action, OpenRA has you covered. Only mutliplayer is supported so Bring your A-game!

Here is a quick video preview of the action: